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Set up of the ECOLAR Home in Madrid

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Arrival of the Teams in Madrid

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Welcome Ceremony at the Villa Solar in Madrid


Roofing Ceremony of the ECOLAR Home

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Our second film :)

Watch it on YouTube.


Film team accompanied us one day


ecolar at Fischersbraut

the University television of HTWG Konstanz "Fischersbraut" interviewed our Professor Thomas Strak und two ecolarians - Linda Wenninger and Bettina Grosshardt. Just have a look ;) - unfortunately only in german



Decathletes Interviews in Madrid

What the Decathletes think about the Solar Decathlon Europe?
- see for yourselves

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Interview on Construmat 2011 Barcelona with our team member Jakob Winter. In this interview he talks about the motivation for our team to participate in the Solar Decathlon Competition and how it has influenced our studies. Furthermore he explains fundamental aspects of our concept and what attributes are very important for us.

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Our first handmade film

... which explains, why new concepts for energy-conscious living are becoming more and more important and what basic ideas we have for our house

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