-This is not just a name... it´s a philosophy!

Because ECOLAR consists of the terms Ecologic and Economic but also Modular and Solar. The name thus indicates to the main objectives of our design.


Throughout the life cycle of the building – from raw material extraction, through processing of the products to their disposal – the greatest emphasis is laid on ecologically sound building materials and methods.


The sun is the main energy supplier. By the use of numerous photovoltaic panels the power of the sun can be deployed. Therefore no fossil energy source are needed and the environment will be preserved.


Most of the components can be produced in advance and in series with a high level of accuracy.This simplifies the assembly and reduces the manufacturing cost. Thus, material, money and time can be spent efficiently.


The Ecolar Home is modular, it can expand and shrink. This high degree of flexibility also increases the lifetime of the building, because it can easily be adapted or converted.


In Addition to modularity, flexibility is an important principle of the concept. Because every builder is supposed to compose his own ECOLAR Home. And, if his needs change, the building adapts easily. True to the motto:

»Change your life, change your home!«



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