Energy Conception

The roof is the powerstation of the house. Because the entire surface is covered with photovoltaics, and even above the patios semi-transparent solar cells are being used.

The house, however, should not only produce as much energy, but also consume as little as possible. Therefore, it is conditioned largely passive.

The PCM (Phase Changing Material) enriched clay plates on the ceiling can absorb the heat from the interior air and can regulate the humidity in addition.

Even the facade element from LUCIDO is an intelligent construction component and can store heat in order to improve the insulation value.

In extreme cases, the passive system can be connected to a climate control unit. It can operate both, the heating and cooling if needed. In Addition the air is preheated an can also support the heating and cooling system.

In order to remain faithful to the concept of sustainability, the wastewater is treated through a filtration system. Then it can be used again, for example as grey water for flushing the toilet. The goal is to interconnect simple components in an intelligent way in order to create an intelligent house.


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